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Windows Heck, Microsoft really weren't kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world. NetApplications released its figures for January 2010, and it seems that after only three months of availability, Microsoft's latest baby has already hit the 10% market share mark.
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RE: Why is this a supprise?
by nt_jerkface on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 21:49 UTC in reply to "Why is this a supprise?"
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Windows Vista - Absolutely awful (I use it every day and it is an utter misery,) when compared to the expectations of the day probably the worst OS ever made).

So obviously now - post Vista - its a good time to buy a new PC or upgrade your OS

What exactly is causing you utter misery? Please provide specifics in comparison to what in Windows 7 would reduce your pain and suffering. Would it be the slightly improved Aero glass or the simplified taskbar? Is the the lack of a new logo that causes you stress?

Here's that absolutely awful Vista running nearly the same as XP on an EEE PC 900 which has a 900mhz celeron:

I would like to think that OSnews readers are a little more astute and are aware Windows 7 is mostly a service pack and a marketing campaign. However it seems that half the people here would have fallen for the Mojave experiment.

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