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Hardware, Embedded Systems Ah, the ARM chip. ARM is a hugely successful architecture, and can be found in just about every cell phone or other small device out there. ARM, however, wants more, and for a long time now we've been hearing predictions about an upcoming massive rise in ARM netbooks - so far, this hasn't materialised. Warren East, ARM's CEO, said in an interview with PC Pro that netbooks could one day make up 90% of the laptop market - preferably powered by ARM processors of course.
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RE[2]: Keep talking...
by umccullough on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 22:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Keep talking..."
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I wanted a small mini notebook for my daughter. I didn't really want an Atom powered mini laptop and an ARM would have been perfect. It wasn't going to run Windows anyway.

Same here... I could care less about touch screens and nonsense like that - I want a thin, lightweight, super power efficient ARM-based machine with keyboard and mouse input, but with a reasonable sized screen (9-10") - and cheap.

Probably a pipe dream - but at least right now I'm enjoying my 8.9" AA1 ;)

It seems all the ARM-based devices are headed in the direction of touchscreen without a keyboard (or keyboard optional)... Is that all people want any more? I guess some people might view a keyboard as "cumbersome" after learning to text with their thumbs all their life ;)

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