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Multimedia, AV We've got news from the MPEG-LA, regarding any possible H264 license changes they might institute at the end of this year. More specifically, they've put out a press release stating that they will not change one specific aspect of the license that governs the AVC Patent Portfolio (to which h264 belongs): MPEG-LA will not collect royalties for internet video that is free to end users. The press release is highly confusing, so let's de-construct what's going on here.
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by hornett on Thu 4th Feb 2010 08:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by memson"
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Then the Thusnelda project came up with the goods, and Theora 1.1 was released with performance as good as h264. The W3C proposed Theora as the codec for HTML5, which in turn necessitated a massive FUD campaign from MPEG LA against Theora.

People keep saying this on OSNews, but I can't get Theora (even SVN version) looking anywhere near as good as x264.

My results are very similar to this:

All the results I have so far seen which state otherwise seem to have disabled all the 264 high-complexity encoding methods (e.g. they are comparing Theora at slowest/best quality encoding with h264 baseline/quickest encoding).

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