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Graphics, User Interfaces "The venerable GNU Image Manipulation Program is undergoing a significant transformation. The next major release, version 2.8, will introduce an improved user interface with an optional single-window mode. Although this update is still under heavy development, users can get an early look by compiling the latest source code of the development version from the GIMP's version control repository."
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Multi Window
by Seth Quarrier on Thu 4th Feb 2010 21:04 UTC
Seth Quarrier
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As long as they keep the multi-window mode as a first class citizen, then I am happy. While I can see the advantages of single window mode for a system without virtual desktops, if I can dedicate an entire desktop to it then I find that my window manager does a very nice job managing my Gimp windows, especially with focus follows mouse enabled. I haven't spent much time using Photoshop and am just a mere hobbyist when it comes to image editing but those are my two cents.

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