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Graphics, User Interfaces "The venerable GNU Image Manipulation Program is undergoing a significant transformation. The next major release, version 2.8, will introduce an improved user interface with an optional single-window mode. Although this update is still under heavy development, users can get an early look by compiling the latest source code of the development version from the GIMP's version control repository."
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RE: Multi window for me
by viton on Fri 5th Feb 2010 15:57 UTC in reply to "Multi window for me"
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How the hell would you do that with a Single Window design - your always only see one image at a time.

Image thumbnails are on top of the main view. Nothing should stop you from easy drag/drop.
And you don't need to switch through overlapped window mess. Everything is on screen and easy accessible.
For me, current GIMP UI is a horrible mess. Every cell of my body hates it.

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