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Microsoft Now this is something you don't read every day. Dick Brass, vice president at Microsoft from 1997 to 2004, has written an article for The New York Times' Op-Ed section, detailing the flaws in Microsoft's corporate culture, and how they've severely affected the company in a negative way. Telling, and painful. And, in a way, very sad. Update: Microsoft responds. "For Microsoft, it is not sufficient to simply have a good idea, or a great idea, or even a cool idea. We measure our work by its broad impact."
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WinFS = Sharepoint
by contextfree on Sat 6th Feb 2010 00:09 UTC in reply to "It's Been Brewing for Some Time"
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WinFS has essentially been incorporated into Sharepoint (especially 2010), via various other MSFT server and framework components (e.g. WCF Data Services). Pretty much every aspect of WinFS is in there, actually, except for the "integrated into Windows" bit. But it makes a lot more sense on the server than the client, anyway.

MSFT is working on the Semantic Engine which looks like the next generation of the WinFS concept:

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