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Web 2.0 A quick round up of various web-related news items. First up, a new open source product entitled the "Highgate media suite" will bring OGG video decoding to Silverlight. Microsoft have just joined the SVG working group (arguably 10 years late, but it's better than nothing). Adobe promise significant improvements in Flash 10.1, including Core Animation rendering on OS X and lowered CPU usage. Finally, CoperLicht--a WebGL JavaScript 3D engine (Quake in JS will be here one day)
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What is even more funny is reading through the comments section with this gem:

Way to parrot Welch. Anyway, you're of course right that Flash should never crash. My beef is that suddenly we hear this HUGE groundswell of people saying that Flash is bringing them to ruin. Could it be that maybe--just maybe--some of these claims are overstated out of some tribalism (a desire to be close to Apple)? I mean, people identify with groups of multimillionaires who theoretically represent some nearby city in sports, so it's not hard to see why they want to identify with the people who make the devices they use all day.

How about the fact that Flash sucks, the developers at Adobe suck, their management are locked in a reality distortion field, and long time Microsoft haters are having greater success with Silverlight than with Adobe's Flash. I truly am sick and tired of hearing the sycophants from forums and the crap employee's of Adobe bending over backwards apologising for the abortion of a technology that is Flash.

Oh, and to claim that some how because it is installed by many people it equates to a product 'not as bad as people make it out to be" - who the f--k chooses to use the technology in the first place! I've never ever seen a end user install a plugin for something unless the developer of the website itself pushed for its use! so please, to some how equate quality to distribution to people actively choosing to install Flash is a pathetic and fictitious argument to make.

We all know what the solution is - open source the damn plugin; there is no value derived from the plugin - you make the dollars off the development tools. Open source the plugin under a liberal licence and allow vendors to contribute and fix up the problems because so far Adobe has demonstrated gross incompetence when it comes to delivering a stable product. Oh, as for 'forked versions' as the Flash apologists in the past here have claimed - institute the same requirements that Java has, "you can't call it Java unless it has passed the conformity tests".

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