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Web 2.0 A quick round up of various web-related news items. First up, a new open source product entitled the "Highgate media suite" will bring OGG video decoding to Silverlight. Microsoft have just joined the SVG working group (arguably 10 years late, but it's better than nothing). Adobe promise significant improvements in Flash 10.1, including Core Animation rendering on OS X and lowered CPU usage. Finally, CoperLicht--a WebGL JavaScript 3D engine (Quake in JS will be here one day)
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How about the fact that Flash sucks, the developers at Adobe suck, their management are locked in a reality distortion field, and long time Microsoft haters are having greater success with Silverlight than with Adobe's Flash.

The development tools are actually unparalleled. It's only the plugin that has issues.

Sadly, the Java plug-in on Mac OS has equally as many issues. And I don't think Java, JavaFX or Silverlight can match Flash when it comes to ease-of-use for designers creating rich content/apps/animation. Of course, video is something else...

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