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Windows Heck, Microsoft really weren't kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world. NetApplications released its figures for January 2010, and it seems that after only three months of availability, Microsoft's latest baby has already hit the 10% market share mark.
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RE[5]: From OS X -> Win7
by StaubSaugerNZ on Sun 7th Feb 2010 00:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: From OS X -> Win7"
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lol, and like a typical freetard neckbeard, you lose the argument, and resort to claiming superiority due to your worthless scrap of paper that has "proof" of your "intellect."

Please, stick to your lab, and let the adults run business. Thanks.

You really are a presumptuous git. Actually I do have my own business now and I bet you my turnover is a lot more than yours - if that is your only measure of success. That's why your insults are so hollow they make me laugh. You think you're so damn clever but it is in you're too dim to see what others are trying to say. You'd prefer to stop listening and throw insults around. I guess that is a strategy that works for you in most places, sure beats thinking with an open mind.

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