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Windows Later this month, Microsoft will most likely unveil Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress. Rumours abound, and the latest set of rumours paint a rather dramatic turnaround for Microsoft's mobile platform - no more multitasking, application distribution limited to official channels, and a whole lot more.
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Zune HD Interface.
by Pelly on Sun 7th Feb 2010 23:08 UTC
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The initial rumor of Zune integration into WinMo 7 has already been cemented by Steve Balmer in a recent video. This is actually a good move.

I have a HTC Tilt 2 with WinMo 6.5 on it and the software is very stable and reliable. If WinMo 7 is as stable and has a Zune interface, it will only get better. I have yet to come by any firm mention as to the phone specs that will be need to support WinMo 7, so who knows if new devices will be needed or if upgrading some present devices will be possible.

I also have a Zune HD and I'm truly impressed with the quality of both the device and the Zune HD software. To put it mildly, I was actually astonished by the quality and elegance of the device itself.

My daughter has an iPod Touch and when we compared the two devices side-by-side, she asked me, 'Wanna trade?' And she meant it. To her, the Zune HD has a better, 'feel,' and the s/w is incredibly simple. She loved it. But she can keep her iPod Touch.

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