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Windows Later this month, Microsoft will most likely unveil Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress. Rumours abound, and the latest set of rumours paint a rather dramatic turnaround for Microsoft's mobile platform - no more multitasking, application distribution limited to official channels, and a whole lot more.
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Comment by zhuravlik
by zhuravlik on Mon 8th Feb 2010 18:04 UTC
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No more multitasking, restricted apps, unified and default-only user interface. Yeap, it's a good time for other mobile platforms to fully kick WM out of the market.

Jailbreaks for WM? No way. ;)
I'm sure that for every restriction there will be a new "jailbreak". Firmware will be hacked to give the user a freedom of device usage. Not all of us want to use device only from A to Z, where both A and Z are defined by software, not hardware, restrictions.

Hardware defines the possibilities, we need software only to have an ability to use this hardware efficiently and friendly. If not, it's a bad software.

No multitasking? I, user, know that some apps take more battery life than another. I'm able to plan a battery life of my device. If software plans it instead of me and I don't have the ability to disable this feature and to enjoy the full device power, it's a bad software. If the cable is plugged in, there is no need for such restricted behaviour.

And one thing more about multitasking: modern browsers execute scripts, plugins, etc. in several processes to ensure stability. Would these browsers be restricted, too, without real multitasking. Will background submits and ajax updates be "frozen" until I switch to proper tab?

Restricted apps? I, user, know that some apps could contain hacker's code to crack my system. I'm pleased if software vendor recommends some apps that are proved to contain no malicious code, but if software vendor chooses apps instead of me, it's a bad software platform. One day there will be no recommended app for my special purpose and how do I do in such case?

Unified user interface? Are you sure, dear vendor, that you do better know what I want from my phone environment to look like and to behave? If there is no ability to choose UI that is better for me, it's a bad software.

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