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Graphics, User Interfaces You may remember that back in November last year, I wrote about the lack of a decent Paint.NET-like application for Linux (or, more specifically, for Gtk+ distributions, since Qt has Krita). As it turns out, this compelled Novell employee Jonathan Pobst to code a Paint.NET clone in Gtk+ using Cairo. Version 0.1 is here, and it's remarkably advanced for something so young.
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RE[2]: Good but...
by lemur2 on Tue 9th Feb 2010 00:12 UTC in reply to "RE: Good but..."
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Whatever happened to Qyoto (C# and .Net bindings for Qt)?

Why would anyone use C# for Qt, when there are perfectly good Qt bindings for Python, C, C++, Ruby and Java?

If you have Qt libraries installed, why would you bother also with Mono?

It isn't as though KDE needs anything like a Paint.NET clone, when it already has the more functional and far more mature Krita program.

KDE doesn't need Banshee ... it has Amarok.
KDE doesn't need FSpot ... it has digikam.
KDE deosn't need a Paint.NET clone ... it has Krita.
KDE deosn't need GNOME Do ... it has krunner.

In each case above, with the possible exception of the last, the native KDE application is better and more functional than the GNOME/Mono try-hard equivalent.

Hence, KDE doesn't need C# and Mono at all, there is no point.

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