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Windows The past few weeks or so, there's been a lot of interest in a supposed battery status report bug in Windows 7. After installing Windows 7, some users reported seeing "consider replacing your battery"-warnings in systems that appeared to be operating just fine on Windows XP or Vista. After extensive research, Steven Sinofsky has now explained on the Engineering 7 blog that the fault is not with Windows 7 - it really, really is your battery.
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RE: Batteries *sigh*
by Brendan on Tue 9th Feb 2010 01:18 UTC in reply to "Batteries *sigh*"
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So tiresome to see your laptop's battery life slowly degrade over the years. And all of these "breakthroughs in battery technology" that keep popping up in the news never seem to amount to anything. Laptops are still using Li-ion batteries, right?

Change costs money, which might cut into laptop manufacturer's profit (especially as there's no easy way for consumers to compare the life expectancy of laptop batteries, so improving this life expectancy probably won't result in better sales). Doing nothing means the laptop manufacturers make more cash; either from replacement batteries or people upgrading the entire laptop earlier than they otherwise would.

Eventually, with enough research and technological breakthroughs, I'd expect batteries that die 2 weeks after the warranty expires (but I wouldn't expect longer life)...


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