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3D News, GL, DirectX Notebooks with dual GPUs have been shipping for a while now, but switching between the fancy discrete GPU and the low-power integrated one hasn't exactly been painless. Today, NVIDIA introduced a technology called Optimus, which makes the switching process automatic and transparent. In Windows, that is.
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Xorg development
by manjabes on Tue 9th Feb 2010 17:18 UTC
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However, with the pace of Xorg and Linux development, the situation could already be different today.

No, it is not. Be honest. Xorg is still struggling with multidisplay support. Heck, it STILL after 20+ years of development struggles with a single goddamn display. The two last times (~1 yr each) I tried using a Linux-based system full-time, the plenty-a-day xorg crashes reconviced me that my time was worth too much to spend it tinkering with the steaming pile that is Xorg. Still the same, every time I try. And that's on a system that's supposed to work well with Linux. But not even the mighty open-source ecosystem has managed to fix this. Time is only spent on crying how hw manufacturers create shitty (AND/OR closed-source) drivers.

Linux, yes, is developing at a fast pace. But not Xorg.

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