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Graphics, User Interfaces You may remember that back in November last year, I wrote about the lack of a decent Paint.NET-like application for Linux (or, more specifically, for Gtk+ distributions, since Qt has Krita). As it turns out, this compelled Novell employee Jonathan Pobst to code a Paint.NET clone in Gtk+ using Cairo. Version 0.1 is here, and it's remarkably advanced for something so young.
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RE[3]: Good but...
by Richard Dale on Tue 9th Feb 2010 18:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good but..."
Richard Dale
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"Whatever happened to Qyoto (C# and .Net bindings for Qt)?

Why would anyone use C# for Qt, when there are perfectly good Qt bindings for Python, C, C++, Ruby and Java?

If you have Qt libraries installed, why would you bother also with Mono?

Hence, KDE doesn't need C# and Mono at all, there is no point.

Because C# and other CLR based languages in the Mono environment are interesting to program in?

C# is hardly very similar to Ruby or Python. The are no current C bindings.

Many programmers prefer C# over Java, and they are more different than a lot of people would have you believe.

I personally think C# and the Qt/KDE apis are a nice fit, as to me C# feels like a cleaned up C++. For instance, in Qyoto we map Qt's Q_PROPERTYs directly onto C# properties, instead of needing the moc pre-processor as in C++.

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