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KDE And there we are, the KDE team has released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, formerly known as, well, KDE. Major new features include social networking and online collaboration integration, the new netbook interface, the KAuth authentication framework, and a lot more.
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by KAMiKAZOW on Wed 10th Feb 2010 01:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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Is there a plan to move away form HAL in favour of udisks/upower/libudev? do the developers have a schedule and if so what release are they aiming for regarding complete removal of HAL dependency?

KDE SC uses Solid for hardware interaction. Solid can have whatever back-end. In 4.4 it still uses HAL (at least on my openSUSE installation).

Have they finalised the networkmanager front end? the last time I checked it was still in development/alpha with no real time line for eventual merging into the KDE distribution.

KNetworkManager4 works fine, but it won't enter the main KDE Software Compilation. KNetworkManager4 is an Extragear app with its own release cycle.
SUSE's Will Stephenson worked hard to make KNM4 usable in time for openSUSE's 11.2 release which was last November or so.

That said, I still use GNOME's nm-applet very often. nm-applet has the ability to import Cisco's VPN profile files and whenever I'm connected to an open WLAN, I quit KNM4 and launch nm-a instead to use VPN.
KNM4 can use VPN, too, but the all settings have to be done manually and I'm too lazy for that. ;-)

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