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KDE And there we are, the KDE team has released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, formerly known as, well, KDE. Major new features include social networking and online collaboration integration, the new netbook interface, the KAuth authentication framework, and a lot more.
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Funny I could just as easily say that "X has gotten better and will soon be awesome!" has been a talking-point for the local Linux Desktop Defender's Club.

Fair enough. In any case, the original statement was... far from original. One might say, we've covered this territory on OS News. Exhaustively.

I agree that it isn't the weakest link in the Linux desktop. I'd say that dependency issues cause more problems for people. Sub-pixel font rendering also needs to be improved.

If you're trying to install things from source, sure. But if you stick to your distributor's repositories, you'll probably be fine. I haven't had dependancy resolution problems in a long while, on Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu. Or Slackware, for that matter, as it pretty much just installs everything you'd want in the first place. (I have on RHEL4, but it's... very old.)

Dependancy resolution seems like a consistent gripe of yours; I'm a littel curious about what actually happened to get you so convinced that it's such a pressing problem.

Also, my fonts look fine, and have since forever on pretty much any Linux and any hardware I've used. But I'm not a typographer, so as long as they're legible and not highly aliased, I'm O.K. with them.

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