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KDE And there we are, the KDE team has released KDE Software Compilation 4.4, formerly known as, well, KDE. Major new features include social networking and online collaboration integration, the new netbook interface, the KAuth authentication framework, and a lot more.
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Hardware companies would rather support a system with 84% share than 1%.

All mainstream hardware is supported by Linux and other related FOSS projects -- often with drivers officially provided by hardware manufacturers.

These days, you can get pretty much any PC off the shelf and a modern Linux distro works on it. In the worst case one has to download the drivers manually.

Sure, there is hardware that doesn't work with Linux, but you can just as well find hardware that doesn't work with Windows (usually slightly older hardware for which the manufacturer refuses to support newer Windows versions).

IMO overall Linux systems have broader hardware support than Windows -- even with its current 1%-2% market share.

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