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Google The Mom of all internet companies, Google, has announced today that it will effectively become an internet service provider. The company is planning on building a number of ultra high-speed broadband networks in select locations in the United States, serving anywhere between 50000 and 500000 users.
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Knee Jerk Conspiracy
by chrisfriberg on Thu 11th Feb 2010 00:48 UTC
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It's hard not to think that a company with so broad a coverage of the internet to track you with isn't up to something sneaky. Especially when their bread and butter come from one tiny corner of that coverage. But the fact is, the internet allows people to communicate so well that the more areas people communicate via google's software/hardware the more chances they have to make money.

They don't care what you've been up to or where you are going next, as long as you've been there and continue to go there via their software/hardware. They have no intention of stopping you from doing anything or sabotaging your efforts or turning you in to the thought police.

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