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Linux Don't expect hegemony from a single Linux vendor on the desktop comparable with Microsoft's Office, as rival frameworks and implementations tackle different markets. That's according to Red Hat fellow Alan Cox, who said research indicates users are adopting KDE and Gnome to serve different scenarios. Evidence from different reports suggests KDE is more widely used in Europe and Gnome in the US.
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GNOME localization
by timosa on Thu 6th Oct 2005 05:48 UTC
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There is at least one clear reason why GNOME is not used more in Europe and that is poor localization. For example Evolution - the number one core GNOME application - is not even able to have localized dates in calendar. The email component can show localized dates but calender doesn't which means that you have two date formats inside of one application. This bug has remained open in bugzilla for years.

Maybe another reason is that Europeans like to use longer their old good computers and KDE is more suitable for that purpose because of it uses less system resources.

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