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Opera Software Everybody's favourite Norwegian browser maker has released the beta version of Opera 10.50, the next iteration of the featureful web browser. As Kroc already touched upon late last year, Opera 10.50 comes packed with a lot of improvements across the board, from a new JavaScript engine to an improved address field.
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With Windows native skin, previous versions of Opera fitted in with the UI whether it was in Windows classic, XP's teletubby default, the IMO ugly and distracting Vista theme, whatever.

I disagree, but never mind. The "native" skin wasn't even standard. Now Opera actually fits with the default Windows theme.

"If you use the standard themes, Opera fits perfectly.

No, it doesn't. Try to understand that I'm talking about the feel, not just the aesthetics. Like I said: Opera no longer has the standard Windows MDI features, consistent with numerous other Windows apps, that it had since the very first version.
You mean MDI like Internet Explorer? Your claims are laughable. Never mind the fact that the context here is look and feel. Opera's MDI has always been different from everyone else. It isn't even proper MDI anymore (they have made a huge number of hacks to make it more SDI-like).

At the moment that loss is causing a lot of usability problems, at least for those of us who use some of Opera's most unique and powerful features.

But that's a completely different claim from the claim that it doesn't look like a native Windows app.

I've used many previous Opera betas, had a look at that document, and I still think you're talking nonsense.

Again, you are wrong. Search for "final" here:

Just some examples of features added in final versions, not betas:

Dragonfly, cookie manager, fraud protection, NTLM support, User JS, password manager...

Tweaks and bug fixes - that's generally all that changes between beta and the final release.


There are one or two exceptions, but nothing compared with the amount of broken functionality in 10.5. There are past alpha tests have had far fewer major issues.

Wrong again.

I always try betas of Opera when they're released, and this is the first one that I haven't been willing to use as my day-to-day browser.

So what? You don't represent everyone else. Hardly anyone cares about MDI.

To me MDI window management has always been one of Opera's most important features

Yeah, but you don't represent most people.

In Opera 10.5 it's a bug ridden, barely usable, mess of broken functionality, no different from how it was in the pre-alpha, when those problems were first reported.

Nonsense. They have fixed a lot of MDI stuff since the pre-alpha.

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