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Opera Software Everybody's favourite Norwegian browser maker has released the beta version of Opera 10.50, the next iteration of the featureful web browser. As Kroc already touched upon late last year, Opera 10.50 comes packed with a lot of improvements across the board, from a new JavaScript engine to an improved address field.
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The native skin was included as standard, it just wasn't the default.

Exactly. And now the native skin is useless since they are moving to a standard skin which is even more native for the latest Windows versions.

with a few tweaks it's still a full MDI app, that works just like other proper MDI apps.

Wrong. Opera's UI is not a native Windows UI. It's using their own cross-platform toolkit, which means that they had to emulate MDI. And while doing so, they added all sorts of hacks. Opera acts nothing like a standard Windows MDI app no matter what you dp.

Change a few options and the 10.10 UI can work almost exactly like Opera 2/3 from 96/97, with all the same MDI features. Opera 10.5 is a big change from that.

And THAT is why they shouldn't have released it? LOL. MDI is irrelevant for 99.999%. Shipping a beta without finishing MDI is perfectly fine.

The Dragonfly debugger is itself an alpha test of optional development tools - it isn't a core browser feature.

Irrelevant. It was released with after a beta version.

The cookie manager, password manager and fraud protection were added in 7.1 and 9.1 - updates to Opera which never had their own beta releases.


That doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of previous Opera betas were feature complete, without seriously broken functionality, and mainly just needed tweaks and bug fixes before release. You've just proven that point.

Again, you are wrong. And the fact is that MDI is irrelevant in the big picture.

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