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Opera Software Everybody's favourite Norwegian browser maker has released the beta version of Opera 10.50, the next iteration of the featureful web browser. As Kroc already touched upon late last year, Opera 10.50 comes packed with a lot of improvements across the board, from a new JavaScript engine to an improved address field.
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The idea that MDI window management had to be completely re-implemented, rather than using standard Windows MDI, contradicts recent statements from Opera staff. They've talked about Opera 10.10 tabs being true MDI child windows, with 10.5 the first time in Opera history that this isn't the case.

No, what he's referring to is simply that the way Opera handles windows has changed.

Whatever. I'd consider Dragonfly a separate utility and not part of the actual browser.

It's part of the browser. It was added with UI and all, after a beta.

All new features that were added via point releases, after the .0 final, not after a beta.

Again, wrong. They were added right into the final version, after beta.

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