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Microsoft Sometimes, the sheer size of a company like Microsoft can make it quite hard to see and realise just how large and profitable such a company can really be. In these kinds of situations, there's nothing like a clear graph to make all those pretty numbers tangible. Up to a point.
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by siride on Sat 13th Feb 2010 16:20 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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This isn't interesting. It's true that people don't want a thing itself, they want it for what it does and for how it benefits them. Well, DUH! So saying "users don't want Windows, they want a computer that works" is not interesting in the slightest. Nor does it say anything about Windows. Windows works, it's easy, everyone knows it and so it fulfills people's needs to have a computer that works. Just typing that last sentences makes the tautology clear.

Believe it or not, people do actually like Windows and Office and other MS products. I know the Linux community has nurtured this idea that they only reason those two are around is because of OEMs or "people don't know better", but that is patently false. MS won fair and square and continues to win fair and square by providing products that people want and that do what they need. They aren't perfect. But then again, neither is a lot of FLOSS software.

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