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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While the world outside of OSNews is wondering whether we really need yet another mobile operating system, we here are of course happy with another contender - the more, the merrier, as it equals to competition, which keeps everybody on their toes. A day before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona (finally a tech event in my time zone!), Samsung unveiled its Wave handset, the first sporting Samsung's new Bada operating system.
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Nice hardware, but...
by cb_osn on Mon 15th Feb 2010 00:10 UTC
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Building another "new" operating system is a mistake, particularly for a company like Samsung. What the iPhone and Android have done is introduce the idea that consumer phones are mobile computing devices with a focus on software.

I trust both Apple and Google to ensure their platforms survive and to encourage development of their respective ecosystems. This means that, as both a developer and a user, I can count on any investment, time-wise or financial, to retain its value into the future.

The old guard handset manufacturers like Samsung have pushed the idea that phones are one-off throwaway devices for so long that I have no reason to believe BadaOS will be around in a few years time or that any phone purchased now will receive the latest updates as they become available.

Until companies like Samsung can prove that they care as much about maintaining a platform as they do about selling hardware, I consider these things to be nothing more than nifty feature phones and not in the same league as iPhone or Android.

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