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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While the world outside of OSNews is wondering whether we really need yet another mobile operating system, we here are of course happy with another contender - the more, the merrier, as it equals to competition, which keeps everybody on their toes. A day before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona (finally a tech event in my time zone!), Samsung unveiled its Wave handset, the first sporting Samsung's new Bada operating system.
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It's the fault of the Dalvik (Google's bytecode) interpreter. According to Google, JIT (just in time) compilation is 'not important'. They are just arrogant and are probably happy with the battery life wastage and laggy performance as long as they get the hype going.

Linux scales down quite well, thank you. As is demonstrated by the N900 running Maemo and the various LiMo phones (such as the Vodaphone 360).

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