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Windows So, after much, much speculation and many, many rumours, Microsoft finally took the wraps off Windows Phone 7 Series, its newest mobile operating system. Hold on to your hats, because uncharacteristically for the Redmond giant, they've rebuilt everything from the ground up - this system has little to no connection to the Windows Mobile of yore. I don't say this lightly - but dear lord, Windows Phone 7 Series is full of win. Update: Hands-on video from Engadget inside. Update II: There is no sync application. It's all done over-the-air, to the internet. Only videos and music are synced via the Zune software. Update III: Since I didn't mention it clearly, here it goes: Windows Phone 7 Series is a clean break. There is no backwards compatibility at all. Update IV: Channel9 has a 22-minute in-depth demonstration of Windows Phone 7 Series.
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Cool, but as a smartphone...
by Praxis on Mon 15th Feb 2010 18:39 UTC
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I do have to hand it to microsoft, they have actually managed to come up with a decent ui for once, and it puts the focus strongly on phone and social features. They also seems to be stealing from the iphone playbook, no multitasking, stringent hardware requirements and all that. I can't disagree with that as a stratagy to sell phones but increasingly I find myself less attracted to these devices as phones.

The more powerful these things get the more I see them as little pocket computers, and when I start to see them as computers with a phone app, rather than a phone with some extra features, my expectations change. I want the ability to do more with them without having to ask permission from apple or microsoft, I want it to behave more like a computer. This probably means I'll be stuck on android. You have to ask yourself, do I want a phone with some extra features, or do I want a computer that is a phone.

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