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Windows So, after much, much speculation and many, many rumours, Microsoft finally took the wraps off Windows Phone 7 Series, its newest mobile operating system. Hold on to your hats, because uncharacteristically for the Redmond giant, they've rebuilt everything from the ground up - this system has little to no connection to the Windows Mobile of yore. I don't say this lightly - but dear lord, Windows Phone 7 Series is full of win. Update: Hands-on video from Engadget inside. Update II: There is no sync application. It's all done over-the-air, to the internet. Only videos and music are synced via the Zune software. Update III: Since I didn't mention it clearly, here it goes: Windows Phone 7 Series is a clean break. There is no backwards compatibility at all. Update IV: Channel9 has a 22-minute in-depth demonstration of Windows Phone 7 Series.
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Android doesn't have a good multimedia library. The game selection is rather lacking as well. I'd be willing to pay quite a bit extra for a mobile 7 phone just to have access to xbox live. Android is good for people who just want a phone and mini-browser but it can't compete when it comes to the itunes store.

I sware by android and I use it for far more than just a phone and mini-browser.

Aside the various social networking apps, I e-mail, FTP and SSH on it. I run various augmented reality tools (android is actually the front runner for AR on smart phones) and play console games (NES, SNES, Master System / Gamegear, Genesis, Gameboy (Classic, Colour and Advanced) and MAME.

In fact, the only thing I don't do is ring and text :p

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