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Internet & Networking There's a bit of ruckus going on at the moment in the world of HTML5. A number of people are claiming that Adobe has blocked the latest publication of the HTML5 standard. However, after diving into the actual mailing list threads, it becomes obvious quite quickly that it's nothing but a misunderstanding. Update: Masinter replies: "No part of HTML5 is, or was ever, 'blocked' in the W3C HTML Working Group - not HTML5, not Canvas 2D Graphics, not Microdata, not Video - not by me, not by Adobe."
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by r.j.l on Mon 15th Feb 2010 22:11 UTC
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Flash may not be perfect but it has served us well when it comes to content delivery.

What gets me is that people are quick to knock Flash yet Silverlight seems to get away with things. Personally I have found far more issues with Silverlight than any Flash site. Don't get me started with Quicktime.

What we need is simply a standard that all people can use and no one company or individual owns.

Look at h264 what a joke that we all must pay for a codec to view this content. An absolute joke!!!

Html 5 must be fully open in its nature and anything that plugs into it. That way all browsers can support it fully and truly and we don't have one company dictating what we can see and for how much.

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