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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Twenty-four mobile network operators have formed the Wholesale Applications Community to avoid fragmenting the apps market and to give developers one point of entry to all the members, the GSM Association announced on Monday. The operators will now start working on uniting their existing developer communities, so developers will be able to go to one place to get their applications distributed instead of having to go through multiple application approval processes. The community will also start working on a common development standard that should be ready within the next 12 months. The standard will be independent of phone type and operating system, according to the members."
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Too little, too late
by Zenja on Tue 16th Feb 2010 19:57 UTC
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Are these the same telco companies that charge 25c per SMS, encouraged a Walled Garden approach with previous mobile software (locked to Telco platform), and after several decades of a monopoly status generally allowed a newcomer to the telephone business and mop the floor with their lazy asses in less than 24 months. The big telcos are dinosaurs when it comes to content / innovation, the only thing they have at this point in time is an expensive backbone which upstarts cannot provide without a ridiculous amount of start up money. These guys have only just now gotten together, it will take over 24 months until they even agree on what standards to pursue, and another 24 months until they actually deliver. And even if they can pull this off, they'll still only offer a subset of the iPhone capabilities (apps and hardware).

Too little, too late.

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