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Windows Since I'm a little under the weather at the moment, posting is a bit slow on OSNews (yes, a story about Notion Ink's Adam is upcoming!). I'm kind of picking the simple and easy-to-write items for now, and this is most certainly one of them. As some of you might know, Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 Series yesterday, a complete reboot of its mobile operating system. While little is known about its internals, it's most likely based on Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
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RE[6]: mmm mmm good
by kaiwai on Wed 17th Feb 2010 01:57 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: mmm mmm good"
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webOS is a standard Linux OS with a proprietary GUI slapped on top of it. There it nothing new about its multitasking capabilities. Are you sure you are a "professional" on that field when you don't even know such basic things?

An operating system is more than the just the kernel; an operating system is made up of many components and just because it uses a component from few open source projects doesn't change the fact that it is more or less a new operating system. New doesn't have to mean "from the ground up".

The original postered pointed out that it is a new operating system because many of these components aren't full optimised for the constrained environment - thus there has been severeal releases so far fine tuning different parts of the operating system to make battery life better, multi-tasking smoother and so on.

The way you're behaving sounds like you're accusing Palm of simply grabbing some soruce code, compiling it and then throwing it on a telephone and hoping for the best.

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