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Editorial Recently, a story about people mistaking a news story for the Facebook login page has received considerable media attention. It's currently being seen by many as justification for the recent trend in locking people out of their computers for their own protection - but anyone with even basic mathematical skills and a calculator should come to the conclusion that this story has been blown way out of proportion.
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However, The Internet is a different beast. By its nature, it is dangerous, and to novices, it frankly can be confusing. Sometimes users get tripped up because of random oddities (such as this situation), and sometimes they are purposefully deceived by malevolent people (can you imagine if "" was a rogue site farming for Facebook IDs?).

It's the computer's job to mitigate as much of the dangers as possible.

Note the "as much [...] possible". There's only so much you can do. Cars are packed with safety features these days, but that still won't prevent an idiot to drink and drive. Yes, the internet can be dangerous, but so can is the real world. It will take time, but eventually people will come to be cautious on the internet, much in the same way they are cautious in some neighbourhoods at certain times of the day.

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