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Editorial Recently, a story about people mistaking a news story for the Facebook login page has received considerable media attention. It's currently being seen by many as justification for the recent trend in locking people out of their computers for their own protection - but anyone with even basic mathematical skills and a calculator should come to the conclusion that this story has been blown way out of proportion.
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RE: Magic Box
by Delgarde on Wed 17th Feb 2010 20:24 UTC in reply to "Magic Box"
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People are idiots. They think the computer is a magic box. You just think of something, and it magically comes up.

It's not idiocy, just ignorance - it might as well be a magic box, when you don't understand the concepts involved.

Nevertheless, these people are likely part of your target audience, if you're designing software or web sites. So design with them in mind.

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