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Editorial Recently, a story about people mistaking a news story for the Facebook login page has received considerable media attention. It's currently being seen by many as justification for the recent trend in locking people out of their computers for their own protection - but anyone with even basic mathematical skills and a calculator should come to the conclusion that this story has been blown way out of proportion.
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Cult of the nobel clueless
by Verenkeitin on Wed 17th Feb 2010 22:35 UTC
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Exactly why are geeks not allowed to lament the stupidity of the unwashed masses?

Mistaking a news article for Facebook shows some serious lack in basic mental awareness. This has nothing to do with technology anymore. This is purely general stupidity and inability admit one might have made a simple mistake. Sadly I expect this trend to just continue.

Every now and then I get a phone call where the caller has a wrong number. Again, that is understandable, but over the last few years these callers have became unable to understand that they called to a wrong number. I have to explain it to them two or three times.
What makes this phenomenon absurdly stupid is that even when I answer my phone with my name (Finnish phone etiquette), hearing an unfamiliar voice answer with an unexpected name doesn't discourage them from demanding to speak to the person they tried to call or to just start talking.

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