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RE[8]: Thanks
by miles on Thu 18th Feb 2010 18:05 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Thanks"
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Your last podcast (OSnews Podcast #20.X: The Apple Tablet) is using 44100 Hz and 96 kbps for voice. "Episode 31: In Which We Discuss the Inevitable" is 32000 Hz, 48 kbps. I didn't check the others.

For voice, it's overkill. You could easily go down to 22050 Hz for the MP3 and OGG and keep the same quality, while going into the 30 kbps range. It's human voice, which means 44100 Hz isn't buying you any extra quality. Or, in other terms, somebody with a better microphone would still be able to produce better quality audio with 22050 Hz or less and a a third of the bitrate you're using. Just compare with FM radio audio programs recorded in studio - even with better quality than most podcasters to start with, 22050Hz is more than enough for them to sound better than a podcast.

You could produce half the size (or less) while keeping the same exact quality. Basically, you'd keep the same upload time (or less) you had when you just uploaded MP3, but you'd be uploading 2 different formats.

As for an audio editing tool in OGG, you don't see one because any donkey who ever had the idea to produce one has long ago been taken behind the barn and shot. Nobody in their right mind would use OGG for editing - audio programs use a non-destructive format, and for good reasons.

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