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Legal BBC News reports that the US and European regulators (yes, the same EC that slapped MS with a EUR900M fine) have approved the deal that will see Microsoft control Yahoo's search and advertising business. This will mean that one of the first, great search engines (there was a time before Google) will now be powered by johnny-come-lately Bing.
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RE: a sad day for our time
by vaette on Thu 18th Feb 2010 21:53 UTC in reply to "a sad day for our time"
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Yahoo having a search engine has been a rather recent and minor phenomena though. Up until the late 90s they only had the directory-style web navigation. They then licensed searches from Inktomi for a number of years, and then switched to having Google as the backend 2001-2004. Only then did they start doing their own crawling and searching. So, switching to licensing searches from Bing is rather a return to their roots by Yahoo rather than the fall of a giant.

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