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Hardware, Embedded Systems OSNews recently linked to several articles on the two remaining big iron RISC based platforms still alive and kicking, something of great interest to myself both in a professional capacity and for personal reasons (I wouldn't be an avid OSNews reader and poster if I wasn't into non mainstream architectures).
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I just hope...
by Ravyne on Sat 20th Feb 2010 00:15 UTC
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On the topic of x86/x64 IO virtualization:

I just hope this is one step closer to a world where every user account is, really, a Virtual Machine. Each VMs "worldview" would be, optionally -- to save space and ease maintainance, a combination of a "base" system image + software maintained by an admin, and each user could alter their "system" as they see fit.

Combine this with a fast enough network and accelerated video compression, then we're just a step away from having one "real" computer per household tucked away in the basement or a closet and a few relatively dumb terminals wherever we want them -- The office, the kitchen, the kids' bedrooms, the Television for media streaming... Just a little box that accepts local input, has a couple free USB ports, video and audio IO, and just enough brains to decode the compressed A/V in real time. Heck, this is basically what the OnLive gaming service hopes to do over the internet -- so it should definately be doable over a home network, maybe even the faster variants of WiFi.

Being unable to share hardware, particularly the video card, is what's holding this sort of thing back -- Little Timmy needs to be able to play WOW while dad watches a video in the living room.

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