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Multimedia, AV Sigh. So, we have the music industry whose DRM schemes and other anti-piracy measures have thoroughly failed, and are only hindering consumers who stick to the letter of the law. Now we have Hollywood who's going to do it all over again: the AACS LA is busy killing off component video - even for existing, currently-owned equipment.
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RE: Just use DVD
by Rehdon on Sat 20th Feb 2010 07:09 UTC in reply to "Just use DVD"
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Ditto. I'm getting my HD content from my satellite TV provider, thank you very much. I've not bought a Blue Ray player nor do I plan to buy one and, sure as hell, I don't plan to buy my DVD movie collection again in HD format! As many people share this last point with me, it's going to be hurting content providers, which would just love having people buying their stuff over and over again.

As I wrote: not gonna happen, I have better uses for my money.


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