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Multimedia, AV Sigh. So, we have the music industry whose DRM schemes and other anti-piracy measures have thoroughly failed, and are only hindering consumers who stick to the letter of the law. Now we have Hollywood who's going to do it all over again: the AACS LA is busy killing off component video - even for existing, currently-owned equipment.
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Bits vs Service
by shiva on Sat 20th Feb 2010 20:52 UTC
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The problem is that companies want to sell us bits and want to convince us that bits are like physical things that have scarcity (in economic sense)

Digital copying is perfect, easy and very cheap and this fact will exterminate the need of intermediates like recording companies.

They should to sell you SERVICES and CONVENIENCE. I, for example, buy musical DVDs from my favorite artists because I want to help them and because it is convenient for me have a physical DVD to play on my house. But I have also many pirated and non pirated (ripped from original CD/DVD) mp3 and video files on my computer from artists wich I am not a big fan or movies that I cannot buy or that don't are sufficient good to pay for them.

I also bought many versions of commercial linux distributions with pleasure but I never buy a non-OEM windows license because I don't like it. And I only pay for some OEM windows licenses because there are not an alternative.

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