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Multimedia, AV Sigh. So, we have the music industry whose DRM schemes and other anti-piracy measures have thoroughly failed, and are only hindering consumers who stick to the letter of the law. Now we have Hollywood who's going to do it all over again: the AACS LA is busy killing off component video - even for existing, currently-owned equipment.
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Digital content for the masses
by iAlex on Sun 21st Feb 2010 14:31 UTC
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Although I could maybe wrongly suspected the industry to hold unconscious employees with fixed-grown roots in ancient traditions in their positions, perhaps they should consider these positions if they do not hold the ability to see forward. Though it may be as simple as one has a real fear of meeting their customers wishes and needs. The desire to protect the established distribution of the movies is certainly not the weakest. Why do they need to control how the consumer use content and on what equipment they use it?

Seemes to me that all the DRM people got fired from the music industry after a massive fail, and now all have gotten new jobs in the movie business instead. DRM is pushing people away from their products rather than attracting positive feedback and response from the consumer who want to pay for a product.

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