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Windows It must suck to be a Windows developer. So you already have an entire legion of misguided folk hating your work for no reason (on top of the people hating your work for legitimate reasons), and then a company comes along spreading clear misinformation about Windows' memory usage, based on that company's performance monitoring software. To make matters worse, when said company is called out on its errors, it decides to publish the usage information of an Ars Technica editor's computer. As such, it is advisable to uninstall the software in question.
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RE: refreshing, but laughable
by lemur2 on Mon 22nd Feb 2010 00:39 UTC in reply to "refreshing, but laughable"
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1) It's very refreshing to see people DEFENDING Windows for a change. Usually when this type of **** hits the *nix freetards come pouring out of the woodwork.

This topic has almost nothing to do with Free Software. There are only two points in common that I can even remotely see.

The first point is that there is a Linux utility that will do the same task as SuperFetch, with the same benefits and consequences of running it.

So Linux/FOSS software is actually LIKE Windows (or at least Superfetch in Windows) in this respect. Exactly the same observation of performance gains, and the same misguided criticism, could be made of Linux/preload as is being made of Windows/Superfetch. The only real difference is that preload is not normally part of the default installation.

The second point of commonality is right up your street, deathshadow. You are a prime example of a practitioner of this practice ... that practice being mentioned at the start of Thom's second sentence in the introduction:

So you already have an entire legion of misguided folk hating your work for no reason

Happens quite a lot. There is no shortage of misguided folk about.

Other than these two points, there is no involvement of Linux/FOSS in this topic at all.

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