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Privacy, Security, Encryption Discovered by Czech researchers, the Chuck Norris botnet has been spreading by taking advantage of poorly configured routers and DSL modems. The malware got the Chuck Norris moniker from a programmer's Italian comment in its source code: 'in nome di Chuck Norris', which means 'in the name of Chuck Norris'. Chuck Norris is unusual in that it infects DSL modems and routers rather than PCs. It installs itself on routers and modems by guessing default administrative passwords and taking advantage of the fact that many devices are configured to allow remote access. They're behind the times, though. It should've been the Epic Beard Man Botnet. Move over, Chuck.
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Comment by ssa2204
by ssa2204 on Mon 22nd Feb 2010 17:41 UTC
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guessing default administrative passwords

Question, how difficult would it be for these manufacturers to require in the setup or initial loading of the administrative page for a password to be set? In the article it says that this can be mitigated by using a strong password. How about just ANY freaking password other than default? Problem here is these are devices marketed to consumers with very little knowledge or technical skills, so I don't think it is out of the ordinary or asking too much for these device makers to simply require a password to be set.

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