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Hardware, Embedded Systems With each successive generation of technology, we collectively make each leap faster and with slightly less pain. However, as a music fanatic, the jump from tape to CD/mp3 was a tough one for me. Enter the Plusdeck2 Tape-RW PC Cassette Deck. This fantastic device, supplied by, has been one of the best devices I've had the pleasure of reviewing. Read on for the complete story.
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HiMD Drive
by _df_ on Thu 6th Oct 2005 14:19 UTC
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Thom, an internal HiMD drive would ROCK! dang. i loved my minidisc player/recorder... HiMD data would be cool, as well as recording voice etc..

i remember sony had for a very short period, md data drives in a few PC's they shipped.. never seen once sice...

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