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Legal Ah, how we Europeans get to sit back and relax whenever some company invokes the DMCA - a law we don't have over here. Sadly, that sentence has to be amended with the following word: yet. We don't have the DMCA yet, but it the ACTA is accepted, we Europeans - and the rest of the world - can no longer sit back and relax: the US is hard at work imposing the DMCA upon the nation of Foreign.
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Maybe time for a new revolution
by psudobuddha on Tue 23rd Feb 2010 04:26 UTC
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I'm sorry to say this but I for one believe that we are approaching the eve of a new revolution, only this time, it maybe a matter of the people of the world uniting to fight the tyranny that is the US Government. The matter is plain and simple: our most relied on institution is in shambles, allowing Corporate interest to rape the pocketbooks and rights of the common.
Any citizen of the world with half a mind must acknowledge that our government has grown FAR too out of control and has became far more corrupt than the villainous monarchy it originally set to free us Americans from. The Democratic experiment our founding fathers started has been supplanted by the wealthy, and now its they attempt to commit a great sin against our foreign brothers. To arms my brothers. This cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye on this, and our government cannot be allowed to continue in its current state. Our constitution must be restored, and the rights of the people must be restored.
Now that I have said that I apologize for my rant and abuse of OSNews commenting and except any action to punish me for such.

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