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Apple Now that Apple has unveiled the iPad, people are wondering what the future holds for the iPhone OS platform and the concepts behind it. The iPad comes scarily close to being an actual computer in the more classical sense of the word, and a recent Apple job posting seems to indicated the Cupertino giant is interested in further moving the iPhone OS up the ladder. We ask you: would you be put off or excited about the iPhone OS' restrictive model moving up the stack?
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by sultanqasim on Tue 23rd Feb 2010 21:48 UTC
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As much I like Apple, and might even consider getting an iPad, iPhone OS is currently too limited and closed for an OS for 'real' computers like laptops. No multitasking and no apps that aren't approved by apple would kill it. I use Mac OS X because it 'just works' and doesn't bother me with anti-virus software and has lots of nice little features, and because it lets me do WHATEVER I WANT. I can use software that competes with apples products. I can install other OSes of my choice on my mac for completely valid reasons (compatibility, development etc.) I would never consider replacing my main computer with a giant closed iPod touch.

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