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Apple Now that Apple has unveiled the iPad, people are wondering what the future holds for the iPhone OS platform and the concepts behind it. The iPad comes scarily close to being an actual computer in the more classical sense of the word, and a recent Apple job posting seems to indicated the Cupertino giant is interested in further moving the iPhone OS up the ladder. We ask you: would you be put off or excited about the iPhone OS' restrictive model moving up the stack?
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iPad applications, with their larger resolutions will make them more appropriate for desktop computer and laptop usage. The app store is Apple's preferred mode of software distribution which they would love to leverage for financial gain.

I would not be surprised if Apple created an iPad emulator for MacOSX. It would be a virtualised iPad. Assuming the A1 processor is ARM based, you would think this may pose difficulties. However, when you consider that the iPad OS has its roots in MacOSX, re-routing to MacOSX native calls may provide significant speed up. This emulation may be fully integrated, perhaps with the ability to launch multiple iPad apps in their own windows or full screen. It is not as though Apple is new to emulation having utilised it with their pre MacOSX classic apps.

Slowly, over time, this could become an established and accepted part of the MacOSX application ecosystem. You would still be able to install MacOSX native apps, but software developers may slowly shift their preferences and support the iPad model for their own reasons, such as greater distribution.

Then one wonders why you would stop at providing only MacOSX with iPad emulation. Why not create such an iPAD emulator for Windows. It's all about Apple making money off the applications after all. Windows just becomes a bootloader and then you would use virtualised iPad applications. I could finally let my Grandma touch my PC, when it launches straight into iPad mode. It makes more sense than porting MacOSX to non Apple hardware, because Apple makes money off all the apps. Do not be surprised if one day your iTunes update gives you an iPad emulator on your Windows PC.

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