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Legal Ah, how we Europeans get to sit back and relax whenever some company invokes the DMCA - a law we don't have over here. Sadly, that sentence has to be amended with the following word: yet. We don't have the DMCA yet, but it the ACTA is accepted, we Europeans - and the rest of the world - can no longer sit back and relax: the US is hard at work imposing the DMCA upon the nation of Foreign.
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RE: here in Mexico...
by eprubio on Wed 24th Feb 2010 16:31 UTC in reply to "here in Mexico..."
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Unfortunately there is another factor that may help passing ACTA in Mexico: the president's power as the de facto leader of the ruling party. Felipe Calderón is quite aligned to anything the US government 'suggests', and he can in turn 'suggest' to the deputies and senators of PAN [conservatives] to vote for ACTA... and they will.
They can negotiate support from PRI ["we are with the winner"], and they will get quick support from PVEM [pseudo-greens, they infiltrated lawyers from the mexican media companies as deputies and senators] and Panal [pseudo-academics]; that way they will easily overcome any whining from PRD [pseudo-liberals] and PT [pseudo-communists], assuming they haven't taken any bribes, those bastards are relatively cheap.

That's the sad reality of 'our' government.

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