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Apple Now that Apple has unveiled the iPad, people are wondering what the future holds for the iPhone OS platform and the concepts behind it. The iPad comes scarily close to being an actual computer in the more classical sense of the word, and a recent Apple job posting seems to indicated the Cupertino giant is interested in further moving the iPhone OS up the ladder. We ask you: would you be put off or excited about the iPhone OS' restrictive model moving up the stack?
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Strange question !
by GStepper on Wed 24th Feb 2010 16:51 UTC
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There's absolutely no mention to "laptop" in the Apple's job opportunity.

iPhone OS (AFAIK) is only available with "multi-touch" UI so I don't understand how the OS (and Touch apps) would use a laptop mouse/trackpad...

A ARM based laptop will have trouble to compete (performance wise) with core ix processors based laptops.

From my point of view Mac OS X is for "regular" Apple desktop/laptop (keyboard/mouse/trackpad driven) and iPhone OS is for Apple embedded, ressources limited, multi-touch devices...

Am I missing something ?

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