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BeOS & Derivatives This is news that makes me very, very happy. Stephan "stippi" Assmus has written a lengthy blog post detailing the progress made on Haiku's WebKit port, and they're quite far along. Thanks to the help of several community members, the test browser, enticingly named (euh...) HaikuLauncher, is already relatively stable, supports tabbed browsing, and a whole lot more.
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RE[3]: Stack and Tile
by anevilyak on Wed 24th Feb 2010 18:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Stack and Tile"
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The most notable problem is that Stack and Tile is strictly user-initiated, ergo creating a new window or whatnot wouldn't be automatically added to the existing tab group. The other problem is that the actual window tabs have to carry a lot more baggage than a regular tab view since they still need to have the close and resize widgets, and as such take a lot more space, meaning they're less usable in a case where you want a ton of tabs, which is typically the case with a browser. Also, not everyone necessarily agrees with Chrome's top-level tabs as they completely violate the UI standards of most OSes amongst other things.

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