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GNU, GPL, Open Source The world is slowly and surely going crazy. I'm sure of it now. The US copyright lobby has officially gone totally and utterly nuts. Get this: they are trying to lobby the US government to equate encouraging the use of Free and open source software to undermining intellectual property rights, and to weakening the software industry. I wish I was making this stuff up.
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Comment by Terg
by Terg on Wed 24th Feb 2010 22:41 UTC
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It's actually very simple.

We have these companies that make software that sell it for money. This is how they make money in general and pay their workers.

Suppose that for every paid product, a free product became available with better and more options than the paid version. Nobody would use the paid software anymore and go 100% free.

Result: companies that sell software for money go bankrupt.

Result of that: government doesn't get tax-money from them anymore, plus the employees don't have a source of income anymore.

The workers can't apply to other "paid software" companies, because they're all gone. And if all these companies are gone, they(the companies) can't donate money to free-software organizations anymore, which is how they usually survive if they're kinda big.

And if it's not that, it's donations from the masses. But that'll shrink too, since many people who donate to free-software organizations are programmers themselves.

So those run out of money too.

And the government gets less taxes, so they can spend less on the economy. And all those programmers don't get paid anymore and need to be re-schooled, so they spend less for the time being. And after the reschooling, it's not gonna be much better.

So yeah, free software will destroy the economy. All it takes to realize that is taking a basic economics course.

Your outrage at this article doesn't stem from facts, but from you not liking the idea of your ideals being called bad.

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